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Our mission is to help teams manage environments - and all the software within them - more effectively. Using the declarative principles of Nix, we can offer a more consistent and reliable way for teams to package, ship, and distribute software.

We are building a hub for the software lifecycle of the future.

Private catalogs

Distribute your team’s software throughout your broader organization, allowing colleagues to use it the same way they use other open source tools and frameworks.

Curated catalogs

Offer a curated collection of software for your organization, built to your specifications. Implement specific policy requirements by disallowing packages, licenses, or sources.

Instant SBOMs

Automatically generate an industry-standard SPDX software bill of materials (SBOM) for any environment in your organization.

Shared cache

Speed everything up with a shared cache for all of your organization’s environments. If a package (or dependency) has ever been built before, don’t wait for it to build again.

Collaborative hub

Discover, inspect, and activate environments used by your colleagues. Manage visibility using familiar role-based access controls.

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